Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cape Vidal Guided Spearfishing Trip

Stanton & Syd not bad for the first time spearfishing!
This past weekend I guided a spearfishing trip at Cape Vidal. The guys were Stanton and Syd, two guys who were looking to make their first spearfishing experience a memorable one.

Taking first timers is always a bit nerve racking a you never know how competent the guys will be, and how quickly they will pick up the basics.... sometimes just enough to be comfortable in the water. To Stanton and Syd's credit, these guys had done their home work. They had spent time in the Quarry, had at least on session With Fernando from Centurion Freedivers, and spent the last few weeks training.

So when they got to Leven it was not long before they were comfortably hitting the bottom at 15m and doing some impressive dives.

Stanton all kitted up and in the mix.
The fish however proved to be a bit on the quiet side, but even so the boys got fish every day from shoal Couta to some good Queenfish. I don't think these guys realise that for most guys their first fish land up being Stone Bream or Black Tail. I know mine was Stone Bream .....

Syd enjoying the perfect conditions
A big plus was that on the last day the conditions were about as good as it gets. 20m vis, clear skies and no wind. It was such a special day, getting some fish was just a bonus.


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