Friday, January 13, 2012

Spearfishing with Cameron Kirkconnell

Cameron Kirkconnell is one of the guys you hear of a fair bit in spearfishing circles. His blog SpearBlog.Com is an institution and one I follow on a weekly basis. Aside from that a couple world records and a host of other notches in his belt I am mostly jealous of  the great spearfishing trips he does all around the world. sounds like he dives even more than I do!

We actually featured a section of him in our very successful film OneFish in this section he shoots a world record Black Fin Tuna and a host of other great fish ... See below or Spearfishing with Cameron Kirkconnell

His most famous record is his Dogtooth Tuna World Record he got in Indo of 91kg although he did get one even bigger last year in Tanzania but because of a mess up with paper work and licensing in the area the record  has not been acknowledged yet.

For more on Cameron Kirkconnell's Spearfishing visit his Cameron's Facebook page or go to his profile on Onefish: Cameron Kirconnell


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