Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spearfishing Crystal Clean Mozambique

Jeremy Williams Spearfishing in the Crystal Blue Mozambique
I recently got back from a quick spearfishing trip to Southern Mozambique with the Rob Allen crew where we went to get pics for the mag. I was supposed to be on a charter in Inhaca but the wheels came off that trip and the trip was canceled at the last moment. Rob and Jeremy were going up to Milli for a couple days and when they invited me I was all in!

The conditions were epic and we had some beautiful water which made it great for taking pics. Some days I left the speargun on the boat and just did drifts with the camera looking for species to take pics of. I did not get any shots on big pelagics, as you need to get super close with the camera, about 3m!! Got some great pics of other fish and loads of other spearfishing pictures.
Abundant Reef Life in Mozambique
Here is an example of how clean the water was and the abundant reef life Mozambique has. Its just too good, I am already planning my next trip!


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