Monday, June 20, 2011

Stand Up Paddle Demo

This past week end saw the conditions for diving go out the window again. Flip its starting to get really annoying, not to mention that this next weekend looks like a blow out as well.
Starboard SUP Demo day at Umhloti Lagoon
All was not lost and we headed over to the Lagoon at La Mercy to check out the Startboard SUP demo that 'Waterman Joe' company I am involved with was running. It was pretty cool as some of the mates and their families pulled in and paddled around the lagoon and enjoyed some bacon and boerie rolls.
Kai my daughter enjoying the Stand Up Paddle jol.
I guess its probably going to be a few more sessions on the SUP before we get back in the water for a dive. The west is blowing at the moment and it looks like there will be a small gap ... but its not looking promising.

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