Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunrise Point Grinds

Dan Redman coming through a sick section.
 This weekend the dive was no good at all, but the surf was ridiculously fun. Sunday even cleaned up and there were some of the thickest flawless barrels grinding across the sand banks off Ballito. Sunrise was starting to do its thing and my lighty and I got some crazy waves all to our selves before the other guys pulled in to surf. Dan and Josh Redman came to get there share of shade underneath the liquid anvils roaring across the bay. I grabbed my cam and got some great shots of the guys. 
There some flawless waves that just went unridden.
As always the rip was super intense and we all battled to stay up the point to get the good waves. This meant that there were many crackers that just went unridden. But that is Sunrise for you!! It a higher grade wave that demands extreme fitness and determination, but the rewards are big! Most guys just give up and sit off the peak and take the scraps .... got to love it!

For more pics go to: Sunrise Point

Cant wait for the next good tide and swell to collide.


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