Monday, May 16, 2011

Inhaca Island Spearfishing Trip

Inhaca Island Ocean Charts
The sea has been amazing at home bar the unfortunate fact that there has been absolutely no vis for over a week! The week before that was monstrous swell, so as luck would have it I have not dived in a couple weeks.

I cant bee too bleak tho ... :-) because tomorrow morning I am off to Santa Maria across the channel from Inhaca Island in Mozambique. I have been spending my dive less hours sorting gear and this morning drooling over the ocean charts wondering what each spot will have for us.

Nhonguane Lodge - Santa Maria looks like we are going to have to slum it.
Best of all is we have moved our accommodation from the island to Santa Maria to Nhonguane Lodge that is right on the waters edge and tucked away in this little bay just around the corner from Hells Gate. We are a little bit further away from Baixo Danae about 25km away, but the main reef at Santa Maria is right there so we will be hoping to spearfish some good Wahoo's ...cant wait.

If I get Internet access I will do an update ..otherwise look out for a post when I am back towards the end of the month.


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