Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Slabs and Sick Pits

Picture perfect, but more of an evil temptress than anything.
The last weekend saw some crazy swell coming out the east. So much so that any hope of diving was blasted by the swell. On the bright side we got some cooker waves at Salmon bay so we were not too bummed about missing out on the clean water that was around.

The tides were also low in the morning giving us a good opportunity to go and ride a slab that operated on a strong medium sized east swell. We dont often get it right or good but this weekend it was ON!!
The slab as so sick and ledging this time that I only caight a few waves, but for the most part I just sat on the shoulder like a little girl! Hence we have nicknamed the spot Barbie Dolls .... as it will make a Barbie Doll out of even the toughest man.
Steve Burel about to get smashed by a 6ft thick lip!!
Steve Burel joined me on the mission and got some incredible barrels and tubes. I eventually went in and grabbed the water cam hoping to get Steve in some crazy sick pits. Unfortunately I only caught his last wave, it was a thick short wedge that just mauled him. The lip was as thick as he was and it drove him down straight into the reef ending his session. He said we should maybe call it Rag Dolls after his beating ... which he said was one of his worst ever, even worse than the worst at G-Land!!

We will have to wait for the next east swell.


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