Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Magic Week Over

Every year usually around mi February there is a week or so where everything comes right and the diving on the North Coast is insane. I friend of mine used to say this is the week that you pull out all the stops to dive coz when its over you have to wait until the next year to get it ON like that again. The way you know its that week when you have dived 6 straight days in a row, got more than a couple Couta each day and you cant get your self out of bed to go and dive perfect conditions because your body is broken.

Well I hare to break it to you but that was the last 10 days ending on Sunday!! It was late this year ..but I guess everything is late including my SARS return!! Yesterday the sea turned and the water temp dropped to 23deg on a south wind and current. So short of some really fortunate currents and conditions I think the Magic week of 2011 has come and gone.

Its not to say that there wont be more fish, but it generally gets quieter and quieter now with only the odd big Couta ..which is nice coming through.
The bummer was that I had a burst ear the whole of last week and missed the whole affair ... I did catch the beginning of the run tho so cant be too bummed.

The view we all love.thanks to Morne
 My good mate Morne' was fortunate to get into the fish last week and by the weekend and one full deep freeze the trigger finger was very mallow, and he grabbed his digital cam instead. This is the mail he sent me with these pics:
Hey Coates I finally made the call after shooting my first couta today to rather take photo's the rest of my dive. I've must have taken 15 individual photo's of shoals 6 - 12kg couta's swimming past every 20 min but only 5 came out OK. It took me 4 years to actually do and tame the natural hunting instinct of just shooting.

Another epic pic of free swimming Couta ...nice very nice!
So unless things change we will have to wait til next year for that 'Magic Week' ... for me I am going to start looking for the BEEG Couta lurking in the deep. Its a bit of a luck shot but who knows.

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