Friday, February 11, 2011

Febuary Vidal Spearfishing Mission

Spearfishing the inside ledge for Snoek at Cape Vidal

With the North Coast area and South Coats a total right of far as diving is concerned. We decided to dive up to Cape Vidal to spearfishing. The problem is that it is a hellova distance to travel for one day, especially if you don"t get any fish. And believe me it has happened to me more than once over the years. So I guess you need to fairly desperate to make the call and get up at 2bells to make the drive.

The conditions were great and even though the vis wasn't epic we had 10-12m vis and 25deg water. The deeper drifts were very quiet other than the 5 Zambies that were following us. The one was an absolute beast and made a habit of swimming right up to us every time we dived down. Impressive to watch, but I dont think we were going to be getting any fish out with them around.

Another boat of divers also joined Guy, Mike and myself out there. And we road back to the shallow ledge to see what they had gotten. They had a couple of snoek and said they were in decent shoals.
Tyran Yeld and friends, the local boys going right to the fish.

We decide to give the shallows a shot and landed up in Snoek heaven. Most the time the fish were coming through in big shoals and they were just cruzing ...not skittish at all. Kinda the way I like them!
We all landed up with a good bunch of fish all ranging between 5 and 7kg. We also got the odd small dart Couta, but nothing special. I landed a 7kg Kakaap which is a special fish, and Mike got a nice Fulvie out o the sand.
Good haul at Cape Vidal
So for once we nailed it at Vidal, one lady commented that it was a lot of fish. I recon that if you divide them across the amount of times I have not shot fish there I am probably at about a fish a trip at the moment :-)
I guess I am just stoked to have had gotten the place on ...just like you hear other guys who have had it good there.


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Alfredo said...

Shot Crish this was the best dive I had at vidal!! hope to see you soon so we can go for rond2...