Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cyclones, Swell and the Beasterly Easterly

It has been over 20 days of predominately east winds on the coast. We had one day of light southerlies a week or so back, but it did little to effect the sea conditions. In December and January we had loads of rain which messed the vis up and we had brown river water 40 km out to sea in places. Then we have had 3 weeks of east winds which have brought in cold green water. About the only good thing has been the lack of rain with the east winds and the small rivers have almost dried back up.

With these rivers not pumping brown muck in the sea the vis has cleared some what and even though the water has been extremely cold for this time of the year there have been some fish around. There have been some shoal couta here and there and snoek allong the back line.
Mr Adjes with a quality Yellow Fin and Shoal Couta
This week however saw the beginning of the swell and those who braved the thumping sets were rewarded. The cyclone swell has continued to pick up and although is not as big as it could have been, its just too strong and messy to risk a swim.

There is southerly due on Sunday and this will hopefully drop the swell and turn the current. I know this is wishful thinking ...but we can only hope.

Lets see what next week brings.


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