Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spearfishing Black Marlin Video


Here is the spearfishing promo on the Black Marlin we speared in the One Fish DVD. The response to this film has been amazing. This clip on Youtube got almost 1000 views in less than a day!

Have a look, pass it on to your mates and enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Dude, you biscuit! Cannot get enough of that clip!


Coatesman said...

Hey Guys here is the Vimeo version of the Spearfishing the Black Marlin Clip

Anonymous said...

This clip never gets old, epic fish and shot!

Is that RA rigged with 7mm shaft and 20mm rubber?

I've noticed that on long RA's single rubbers are used more than twin 16's.

Also with large yellowfin tuna in Ascencion Island.