Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Fish in Deep

Deep World Wide Spearfishing Magazine

One fish Spearfishing Dvd has made it into the Deep World Wide Spearfishing magazine! This was one of the many strategic partnerships we have forged with guys around the world to promote the Spearfishing DVD and our future projects.

Here is the ad the Deep World Wide has run for us, the cool thing was that it has landed on page 4 in the mag. That's prime ad space!! Lets hope that there readers especially the Europeans start watching the dvd and the One Fish madness spreads there like wildfire like it is doing here at home.

One Fish ad on page 4!
I wonder how the guys will react to the Marlin shot being with a single rubber gun??? Especially when the trend these days overseas is big multiple rubber guns in the pic below.

Even a extra punt in the gear section ... nothing wrong!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Chris, Well done to all involved a great achievement!