Friday, April 9, 2010

Spearfishing on the North Coast Still Quiet

The sea finally gave us a gap after the light west on Wednesday, and cleaned up nicely yesterday. With the game fish being quiet In have been focusing on spending time surfing with the lighty before he heads back to school. So we surfed in the morning on the low and did a arvo dive on the high.

We went out to the drop-off at Tiffs, the water was slightly warmer 25deg and the lateral vis was around 8m. There was loads of small sprats and reef fish, I really thought that we were going to see a Couta. But it was not to be it was dead quiet. There were 2 other divers and they also saw squat!

Reports from Zululand are that the shoal Couta are starting to come out in number. And the Shoal is producing some really big Couta, and the odd Wahoo.

The forecast for the weekend looks bleak, with maybe something on offer on Sunday if the swell holds off. Most of next week looks real disappointing and the east looks to blow all week until Friday. I guess its going to be some road work for me :-(

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