Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chanos Chanos - Spearfishing Cape Vidal

Koos Jordaan 25kg Chanos Chanos at Cape Vidal
The Spearfishing along the coast has been rather dismal over the last few months. However there has been more and more news of shoal cuta coming out on the Zululand coast. Zululander Koos Jordaan got a good size Chanos at Vidal recently .... I wonder if they have been getting any of those shoal Couta? I do hope so, as the Wahoo Winter Game Fish Comp is set for the end of May and it will be good to have some good fish to shoot in the comp.

There are still some reports of the odd good Couta off the Shoal and the Wahoo are starting to make an appearance out there. Traditionally the Wahoo turn on in May on the Shoal. This year I am hoping to get out there at least once.

Anyway the west is blowing and we will see what this does to our gingerbeer coloured water.

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