Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spearfishing in Angola - 50kg Prodigal Son

Here is another story from Angola, this time its about spearfishing and a massive 50kg Cobia / Prodigal Son. I know a couple guys who are commercial divers up that side of the west coast of Africa. They all tell amazing stories of how good the spearfishing is .. especially off Angola.
Drew with a 50kg Prodigal Son spearfished of Northern Angola

Here is Drews account that he mailed through with the pictures:
My fish was shot at about 11m down in around 32m of water here in Northern Angola. My first dive for the day. I still chinged Gerhard Vosloo to see who was going to tie the down line onto the SBM. He lost so i got first dive down the anchor chains. I levelled off at around 11m. There were loads of Kingy's swimming about but i was waiting for a decent snapper to make an appearance. As we normally do, just before i was about to come up, i turned around and saw this dark shape sliding in! It came up level with me and within a good range. And i just picked my spot and let it fly. Hit it a couple of cm above the pec fin and rolled it over! I was pretty stoked and swimming the fish up i was still thinking this is pretty heavy! Only once it was on deck did i realise just how big, and obviously once it was on the scale, Totally Stoked!

A bit of a bitter pill for Gerhard. He'd seen it 4 days previously at another buoy about 10 miles away.That was after the working diver in the water did a back flip cause this "shark" was swimming up to him!  He got kitted up quickly, got impatient, pulled of a long shot and just managed to graze it. He still said as we were kitting up. I bet you we'l see that prodigal today. Then he lost the ching and he said when he heard the gun go off he just new. True enough the graze was on the fishes back, but its mine! Ha ha!
Hope the pictures make it through. This is the first Internet connection we've had in 4 weeks. And its iffy.


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