Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekends Spearfishing

Well we had some epic conditions Friday and Saturday, but the fish were just not around. Some guys still scrounged some snoek in the shallows and one or 2 couta came out but that's about all.

I heard that the Bluff was clean and the fisherman got fish, I am not too sure how the diving went. It will be interesting to hear if the Shoal worked especially since last week was productive there with a number of Marlin sightings and one guy even getting a spear into one but he lost it.

News from up North is that the fisherman at Vidal are starting to get fish which is a good sign, and the divers at Mapelane have had some decent conditions and as per usual have smacked the snoek. Aparently Jaco was there and he got an Iggie in the 30's.

This next week looks like there will be some potential diving, but watch the swell the forcast showes some serious swell hitting aswell.

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