Friday, January 22, 2010

Touch The Silence!
Learn to Freedive with Helen Garner and

Course Date: Saturday 27th February & Sunday 28th February

What you will learn:
In this course you will learn various techniques to understand breath hold and increase your bottom time and fine tune your freediving style. You will learn basic theory and safety techniques. Most students are able to hold their breath for 2 minutes, and complete a dynamic dive to more than 40m with just  2 days of instruction, training and a bit of willpower.

Course Overview:
The AIDA 2 star is divided into one weekend (Saturday & Sunday) learning to become comfortable underwater.
It includes both theory and practical exercises:

  • The Mammalian Dive Reflex (adaptations of humans to the underwater environment).
  • Physics (gas laws, pressure, buoyancy)
  • Physiology (an overview of the bodies cardiac and respiratory systems for freediving)
  • The effects of depth and pressure - Equalization techniques
  • Your browser may not support display of this image. The effects of depth and pressure – partial pressures and the physiology of shallow water blackouts
  • Preventing pressure injuries (barotraumas) whilst freediving
  • Safety freediving – the buddy system and the role of the buddy and diver
Practical skills:  

  • 2 Hot Yoga classes
  • Freediving stretches
  • Breathing techniques and relaxation techniques
  • Correct use of equipment
  • Static apnea
  • Dynamic apnea 

  • cost R1250
  • And if you want their AIDA certification and card etc at the end - it will be another R250 to get it processed.

Your browser may not support display of this image.
Helen is a certified AIDA Instructor

and the South African Ladies Deep Dive Record Holder

Max 8 students per Course
Helen for more details  Mobile: 079 368 4486
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