Monday, January 11, 2010

Strange Spearfishing Conditions

Andy Henwood with a Poensie Shot of Umhlodti

When Andy sent me this pic this morning and said he got it off Umhlodti at midday on Saterday I almost fell off my chair. What makes it more bizarre is that he found thew fish 14m of warm summer water. I guess the is is another lost fish?

I also had another mate send me the following mail:

Hi Chris,

Just a quick question…have you ever had any sightings of raggies in the ballito/shieffield area?

Reason been is that apparently the rock and surf guys got a 200kg raggie off Daves Rock on the 1st of this year and another 170kg raggie was caught in the Ballito area ( I think off the Ballito tidal pool). The only other time I have heard of raggies been caught here is last Oct also off the Ballito pool…hardly anyone else has ever caught these from the side.

Kind Regards,

Durran Els
To be honest I have never seen a Raggie here. I did here of a sighting a couple weeks back off a Raggie off Boulders! I guess everything is a little out of whack?

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