Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spearfishing in a Strange Sea

With all the weirdness going on in the sea while spearfishing these days, it was good to get some feed back from someone who has seen some of it before. Here is a mail i got from George Askew:

Hi Chris
Your report below warrants this:
Hope you find it useful.

We first started seeing Yellowtail in Natal in summer at Park Rynie around 1966.

And several big Dagas were shot at Jangamo [Inhambane] in the 1st SA Nationals in Moz [+- 1967]. They were not included as eligible fish as no one thought they went that far up!!

In 1970 I shot a baby Garrick near "The Gap" at Santa Maria [Inhaca] in Jan!!  Who would have thought they spawn in Maputo Bay mangroves??

{Did you know I think I shot the only Greek to be shot in Durban Bay [Salisbury Island] - 30lbs +- 1959. How many do you know of that have been hooked in the bay? I have never heard of one.

And what about Cliff Templeton`s 54lb Red Steenbras shot on a Bluff shore dive in 1971.

???  Go figure Sunshine.
The sea`s a strange place!

The Askew.
[A wealth of information in only one head!!]
 Indeed it is strange!

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