Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Spearfisherman - The Spearfisherman's Worst Enemy!

At a time when we are all worried about the bunny huggers are going to ban spearfishing, we give those who hate us ammo! Aaron McCamon is the latest in this class of fools, nobody is perfect and all are guilty in some way (even giving your fish away is a criminal offense!), but this is ridiculous. Poaching 54 crayfish and shooting a Natal Wrasse, thats 62 crayfish!!
The only thing that upsets me about Aaron McCamon being caught is the negative publicity.The only time a spearo is in the news is for 'murdering' an old fish or raping the sea. Its no wonder that we dont get the time of day from the general Joe public and the authorities.

What makes me even more irate is that when ESA's Craig Stubbs was caught selling fish, and charged. The story never made it to the press, despite a report given to the local rag (the same paper below) by the authorities. That guy should have been hauled over the coals, especially since he is a public figure.

Hefty fine for spear fisherman - Story from The North Coast Courier 20th November 2009 page 5

Here's the question? When are we going to wake up and start holding ourselves and mates accountable for our actions? I am sure that this chap might have had a different day if his mates ...who should have some influence over him had put pressure on him not to poach?

Lets keep it tidy,

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