Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sneak Peek at New C Ski 444 Spearfishing Boat

The new wider C Ski 444 with the new top deck.

We are off to go an film another spearfishing film on Tuesday. Steve Ellis has lent us his "prototype" C Ski 444 to use while we are up there. I was at the factory all day yesterday helping get all the final fittings done, and will pop in there just now to install the fishfinders and other gizmo's.

The new top deck finishes the boat off really well, and because the boat is now wider you dont lose any deck space. This boat is not the final 444 tho. Steve has a totally different deck layout for the production model and he has a totally new mold for the hull.

Any way I will be taking more pics and will post them as we go allong. We are hoping to organise internet access up in Moz so I can blog while I am up there. ..... And make you jealous with all our big fish :-)


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