Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost Summer

It is summer ..well almost!
Besides it getting a whole lot warmer, my lighty and I were on the beach this morning at 5am and it had been light from 4:30 when we woke up. The surf was small but cooking. The east had not picked up yet and there we some crackers coming through.
But when we got in the water, well .... its definitely not summer yet! The water was about 19deg at best, and my thermo top was flushing under every wave! Thank goodness the surf was good otherwise I would have gotten out.
The vis had seemed to improve a bit over nite but I was not running to get my dive gear after feeling the water.

The weekend looks promising for a dive, with some southerly winds predicted. At this stage it has been a dry spring and the rivers are not spewing mud into the sea so there is a good chance of clean water.


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