Friday, September 11, 2009

Uneventful Diving Week

Its been a slow week on the coast, the sea has generally been green and mucky. Some snoek did come out early in the week, but that was in 2 - 3m vis! Not what I call exciting!!

I got a dive in yesterday arvo as the south started. The vis wasnt too bad but it was quiet. I mustsay it was good to get in the water again. Its been my 2nd or 3rd dive in 2 months!

This weekend looks like a surfing weekend, with 2.9m swells at 13 seconds. The swell looks south west so there is a possability that it misses us and goes out to sea. Which willl mean that we can maybe dive in the morning.

Other than that the local boys are getting together to paint the Lane wall. If you are keen to get involved pull in the lane after the rugby.

All good catch you later

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