Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great White Sharks at Zinkwazi Beach

 4.2m Great White Shark at Zinkwazi Beach
The last thing you want to hear about is the big Great White Shark caught in the shark nets at Zinkwazi Beach.
What makes it even more scary and not a freak thing is that they caught another one today of 2.8m!!
Just the view to make you want to go swim!!
Apparently these are female sharks, they caught and released the 4.2m one the day before but it returned and died in the nets yesturday. The second one was smaller only 2.8m would have to bite mybe twice to swollow you!!
I think that the cold upwelling of water we have been experiencing has some hand in this freak occurrence. Not that we dont get Great White Sharks here, just not 2 in 2 days.
Not so happy to be dangeling my toes tomorrow morning!!


Name: Curtis said...

Gnarly. For someone who wants to get into spearfishing this isn't helping Chris.

gletwyn rubidge said...

Note the increased frequency of whites being seen or encountered by divers, spearos and surfers - this increase in encounters will only rise as the juvenile whites increase in numbers - I fear that humans will be attacked more in years to come especially near areas where shark cage diving is practised as the sharks respomt to boat motors as dinner bells.
My sone is getting most excitred about spearfishing - the tragic part is he is only 5.5years old - by the time he is 18 - what will the white population be and how safe will it be to go diving?
It is a bit of a spooky thought!

darrell hattingh said...

Hi Chris

thanks for the pics and thats interesting- Zink`s seems to be a hotspot for them, dont know how many divers are aware that a lot of great whites frequent the Zinkwazi-Richards bay area, must be some sort of migration or territorial pattern that they are frequently found here and on Highpoints off Mtinzini and also there have been a few spearo encounters with them in this area over the years.

Darrell Hattingh

Unknown said...

You are more likely to get killed by a car than get nabbed by one of these beauties. The thing is if you are a surfer or a diver you've been close to them in the water so many times but just didn't know it.

Anonymous said...

man-o-man these sharks are HUGE

Erno said...

I used to surf here in the seventies, saw the occasional shape and the odd one caught in the nets, but this is something else. Still, Zinks is my idea of paradise on earth. Here I am stuck in the UK, no sharks, but I know where I'd rather be surfing. Happy diving fellas

syra said...

White sharks live worldwide in cool, coastal waters and it is the only species in California that presents a significant danger to humans. The initial attack is so rapid and so forceful that the victim is often lifted from the water, then released, after which the shark typically waits for the victim to bleed to death before attempting to consume it.

Anonymous said...

Aabsolutely right Walters, I surfed Zinks as a kid, had one sighting while in the water (and the Sharks Board hauled one out of the nets later that day), only to discover as an adult that they're everywhere! They're not stupid and they must be here for a good reason, but eating humans isn't one of them. It'd be a shame if they suddenly became public enemy no. 1! Has there ever been an attack at Zinkwazi, maybe 1 non-fatal I believe?

Anonymous said...

Im 18 now and lived in zinks for quite a while, i just moved back to Ballito and the whole time i was in zinks surfing everyday after school i didn't come across one shark only turtles, Zinkwazi feels like home and i defiantly know where i will be spending my winter surf. proud to be a ex zinkwazi local :)