Monday, August 3, 2009

Spearfishing and Surfing Weekend WrapUp

Well the weekend wasnt a total right off!! Although I should have dived on Saturday morning. We got to the beach as it was getting light and chin wagged for almost an hour, deciding weather or not it was worth getting in.
I think we convinced our selves that it was not that clean and headed home.

I eventually got in for a surf ... which was actually quiet good. I got some great barrels and it was uncrowded, my cuppa tea! Anyway the water looked not half bad, so you can imagine I was going, "we should have dived"

The wind then pumped through Saturday and I took my lighty to Durban on Sunday hoping to get some runners on the new sand spit in front of Addington Hospital made by the sand pumping operation.
But I think the swell last week totally flattened the spit making the beach ruler straight again.
So the waves were super fast and surprisingly bigger than expected, making for some interesting surfing.
There wasnt going to be any top turns so I coached Braidy on some barrel riding ... gee and he got some crackers!! ...... creating a monster!!

Anyway the sea this morning was a little alover the place .. and the swell was very east, rather unusual after the strong southerlies. The water still looked good so I guess we might have some diving later this week.


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