Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Spearfishing Round Up

Marcus Porgieter 45kg Dagga Salmon
For once the weather came through for us, a light southerly blew on Friday and into Saturday morning making the Freedivers Gamefish comp divable. Most of the action was down south, and the winning fish was a 16kg cuta from the south coast.
Marcus Potgieter missed it by a day when he shot a 45kg Dagga the afternoon before the comp, it would have been real luck if he had pulled the rabbit out the hat 2 days in a row!
We tried a different strategy and tried to go deep up north where the guys had been getting the odd big cuta the week before the big swell. The vis was marginal and it was tough going in the deep. We kinda also hoped that we might bump into a Dagga or 2 but we hit a blank and did not see a fish the whole day. In fact we dived so long by the time we hit the beach it was late in the afternoon. We were finished and did not even make the weigh in!
With doing more surfing than diving I really felt the fitness levels were down, its amazing how quick you loose it. I guess we are coming into that time of year where most of the diving is shallow except for that odd Dagga hunt, and we will have to do a couple purpose fulled deep dives just to keep in shape.
Anyway thats about it for now ..... keep your eyes and ears open for fish and sard action down south. If you can catch it good it can be amazing!!
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