Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spearfishing and Surfing Lowdown

Hey guys,

Well the swell over the weekend kinda ran through to Monday and Tuesday so there has been little spearfishing done. But barrel riding well no thats another story!!The surf was pretty much firing from Saturday to Tuesday mid morning. Every dog and his cat was on it and it was rather crowded, except for Sunrise on Monday and Surfers on Tuesday. Go figure?? Anyway we will have to wait a while before we have a spread of surf like that again.

Talking about surf I was chatting Syd Boulanger yesterday about his Zulu Surf Adventures tour company. He has been sneaking off to some spots up towards Mozam and scoring some epic uncrowded surf. I thought I would take a peak at his site and came across this ...... I thought it was pretty funny, and very true!
Back to the diving the sea calmed down and I heard some fish came out off Umhloti, a good cuta and some snoek. I have not hear whats happening this side as my head has been in a hole with work. This morning looked great and I am sure some of the guys got in before the east goes and wrecks it again.

The weekend looks fairly promising on Saturday morning but dont hold your breath!! Sunday is a write off and early next week looks like some average but good surf. You will probably still be able to dive if surfings not your thing as it does not look like the swell will be that big.

Anyway thats all for now.


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