Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spearfishing and Surfing Lowdown

Cristo 41kg Dagga

The sea has been good to a few chaps lately, Morne with his 2 good fish out deep and now Cristo with a 41kg Dagga. He must have thought it was Christmas or something!! Went on a mid morning dive on a point on the draining tide and found this giant fish in the shore break. I am not sure of all the details but apparently all hell broke loose trying to subdue this monster.

On the surfing front Parko took top honors at the J Bay Billibong Pro.It looks like he was on fire during this event scoring 2 perfect 10s during the event. Dane Reynolds finaly stepped up to the plate also scoring 2 10's and the highest heat score in the comp. He made the semi's but got knocked out by Damien Hobgod who eventually came second.

At home the banks are *&^*( to say the least and even though a front has just come through the waves are dismal .... so much so I had no problem getting to work early. ...... and even found time to write a blog :-)

Good news is that it looks like the weekend is going to be good for a dive .... hold big toes and thumbs!!!
Maybe I will even shoot a fish!! Nows that for a thought!!

On the Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine front the subscriptions are going very well. We have 250 subscribers already and day 4 has just started!! If you have not subscribed yet just CLICK HERE and get your copy for absolutely nothing .... now there is a real luck if I ever saw one!!


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