Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Spearfishing Round Up

Hey guys,

The good condition just did not hang around for the weekend. Not that it was terrable but not epic like last week. The guys have been very quiet about the fish being shot ... as they are coming off only a few spots that cant handle crowds.

Story's of some big cuta up north and Zinkwazi have filtered through. Apparently the ski boaters made absolute pigs of them selves even coming in to off load fish and go back out!! And they point fingers at spearfisermen??

I did here that Cindy's in Umhlali was bust for buying fish .... and an ESA fisherman went down aswell!! I will try get more detail on that one. (If true .. so much for catch and release!!)

Here is a report from Darrell down south:

It flattened out nicely yesterday and quite a few spearos pitched up at ifafa. Swam out at around 0.700 with five divers already in the water. Dolphins all over the place and their chasing and twittering had chased all the snoek away, one diver having seen a shoal of fast moving big snoek and 4 garrick also on the move - stuck it out for 2 hours with nothing seen, so headed into the shallows and scratched 8 crays, on hitting the beach saw all the spearos going back out and `balls` of what looked like sardines out off the point,soon the sardine brigade arrived in 4X4 s etc but they turned out to be big shoals of sprats with a few red-eyes mixed in between. Mike Smith saw a school of big garrick but they disappeared into the white water and August Thom saw one lone snoek but otherwise nothing came out other than a rockcod.
Gary Gillon and his crew had better luck at Umfaz. and found the snoek bagging 12 between them (of 3-5kg) and also a 8 k garrick and losing two couta in reasonably shallow water. (they also got a few snoek on saturday).
This morning was superbly flat with 8-10m viz so headed to Ifafa again and swam out same time as yesterday,3 spearos there with one snoek between them,half hour later everyone went in and I had the place to myself !
Up and down with no luck and a long wait till about 9.30 and one lone snoek(+-5k) comes past and I line up with the safety catch on the new gun jammed and no shot - just as well it wasn`t a big couta.
short while later about 30 big 8 kg snoek come through lazily on the south side and i`m in with a good fish,could have doubled up as well . then saw another nice big one which bolted and speared another of about 5 kg a short while later as well as a cavebass on the boulders on the north side.
It went quiet again and swam in at about 10.30. seems the garrick have been giving this area a miss.
Presume with the good conditions yesterday,divers must have seen some good fish?
Any reports from the North coast?
Cheers 4 now

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