Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Spearfishing Round Up

Well there was plenty diving going down this weekend, the conditions were good along the whole coast and there was also the Wahoo Winter Game Fish on.

My weekend started early on Friday morning, I wasn't going to dive but my mate Robin convinced me that this spot would have a large cuta on it. After diving the place at least 10 times this year and seeing squat, I was not so confident. I also had a big day with meetings and still needed to pack for Vidal.

Anyway I thought half an hour in the water is better than none. We did the usual swim out in the dark jol and once I had hooked my reef hook in and dropped my flasher I though I would just do some training dives for the comp the next day .... seriously did not think we would see anything.
Next thing something catches the corner of my eye .. behind me are 3 fish. The water was very clean and I thought 3 snoek ...strange they are fairly deep? I almost did not dive, as they seemed far away ..... and I am over chasing snoek :-)
Anyway as I get nearer I realise they are cuta ...Mmmm a nice 10k and a bigger one at the back. They were already far off so when the small one turned I planted the spear. It gave me a proper rev on my reel gun, and only after getting it closer did I realise that it was a beast.
How big was the big one?? The fish landed up being 18kg ... so much for no fish on this spot :-)

Luck 18k Cuta - one day too early tho

The next stop was at Vidal for the Winter Game Fish Comp (I will get some pics and feed back on my next post) As always there were loads of guys there and with the news that some seriously big Wahoo had been shot we were amped as anything. I had hooked up with Alistair from Extreme Spearfishing Charters and 2 old mates Paddy and Sav. We got down to the beach early hoping that the moon would cast enough light to get out and up to Leven before everyone else ... as you all know the first guys in the water up there have the most luck!

Sav hitting the snooze button

But we were 2 days too early for a morning moon ... only found that out later that day, and landed up sitting on the beach for 30min in the dark before flying up to Leven.
The fish were very slow and Alistair was the only one on our boat to get a fish. We dived furiously hard for 8 hours straight in colder than comfortable water ... so our fishlessness was not for a lack of trying.
The biggest fish was a 16kg Wahoo shot by Scott Vowles and the next was a a cuta around 10k. The rest ot the fish were made up of rat cuta and snoek shoot off the backline ... The comp was very well organised and most of the guys made good use of the free beer.

The conditions this week look pleasant and we will see if we can get some diving in between the grapht.

Hey if you have a moment and need to laugh check this out ...

All good

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