Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spearfishing Update

Hey guys,

There has not been too much going down on the spearfishing front here up the coast. I dived late yesterday arvo and the water was not as good as it looked from the beach. It was a green and at 8m there was a mucky layer ... 
I managed a snoek and some buggs so it was not a waist, but I was seriously keen to try find a cuta. Every day we dont get one now the less chance we have tomorrow. Here at home is notorious for going quiet now as we head into winter.
We often have clean water but only to odd lost cuta or snoek. I think we might start looking south... Aliwal for Wahoo and Hiberdene for cuta.

As winter approaches we will start to see some Cracker and Garrick .. 
One of the blog readers sent in this report from the Eastern Cape Side:

Nick Riddin 9.5kg Cracker - Natures Valley
I’m not a fan of doing solo shore dives, but I was down at Nature’s Valley in February and the next thing I found myself out beyond the point. The water drops to about 8m with some awesome pinnacles. I went down for a last breath before heading back in to join a mate for lunch and as I was lying on a ledge watching some bronze bream, a 9.5 kg cracker cruised across in front of me. I pulled off the shot and my twin 16 mm had the power to get the fish on my spear. I pulled the cracker in excitedly and whilst putting it on my stringer, a large object darted across in front of me. A seal bigger than I was had started playing tug-of-war with me. My new gun, bakkie keys and cracker weren’t being given up that easily so I fought with the inquisitive seal until I was out of the water and breathing heavily on the rocks. I had a well deserved lunch and was stoked with my solo dive…


Nick Riddin
I always dig hearing whats going around the coast so keep the stories coming.

As for this long weekend there are some South's ... but also some swell ..maybe. I think we will have fun whether its Surfing or Spearfishing



Anonymous said...

That fish is 9.5 lb not kg!

Anonymous said...

That doesnt look like natures valley...Looks like the front of beacon isle hotel in plett..Prob at the 2 blinders just out there.

Anonymous said...

I thought natures valley was a reserve and you couldnt spearfish or fish there!

I agree, that cracker does not look like a 9KG! Probably just over or maybe even under the size limit on them which I think is 60CM?