Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Spearfishing and Surfing

The sea was great this weekend, in fact it was hard to choose what to do. The surf was pretty good and so was the dive.

Having not dived for a while, we chose to dive. On Sunday we did not come right, but I managed to get 2 cuta yesterday. We dived up north, the water was ok but no great shakes and only landed up seeing those 2 fish in 4 hours of diving.

The water has gone a little pear shaped at the moment, hopefully the south will improve things.

I also heard some good reports from the south coast with the snoek comeing out at Green point area, and some chap got a bus cuta off Umloti river mouth .... all we need is clean water!!

For those of you wanting to enter the DUC comp .... there are only a few shirts left.
So look sharp!!


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