Monday, March 9, 2009

The Surfing and Spearfishing Big Hope.

Well as the monster swell dissipates, the guys are slowly coming out the wood work after bunkering down for week of brown mountains bashing the coast.

The swell backed off enough for us to surf a couple of waves in Ballito, the banks have been given a serious once over and all the banks have shifted. There are still big holes in the banks adjacent to all the points as all the water coming from the north scoured out the sand, and promptly dumped it all in the middle of the bays. Not too bad at least there is a sand bank!

So with the forecast showing 1.7-2m swells from the south for the rest of the week we should get some quality waves. Only thing it is almost going to be to exclusion of us with jobs. As the low tide is getting later and later and those guys who ain't working too hard are going to score!!

The dive might come right, the water has started to clean up and I am sure there will be some spearfishing this week ..just have to watch the swell.

Other wise that's all for now!


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