Friday, March 6, 2009

Spearfishing - The Weekend Ahead.

Tiffanies trying its best to hold the swell.

Well if you have not seen the sea and want to dive, dont get your hopes up. The swell is pumping, with solid sets straight from the east with 3-6 waves in each set. The forecast shows the swell will be picking up and will peak tomorrow. It will drop slightly on Sunday and will probably disapate on Monday.

The swell is not great for the north coast and most spots ar not working. The only place that is cooking is Durban. The good news is that all along the coast there are signs of the the brown water moving off. And with some southerlies next week we should get some diving in by Tuesday.

Anyway ... thats that!

The Salty Divers are getting together tonight ... more details Salty's Club Night
And we will be doing some breath hold training and techniques. The weather looks like it will good for a braai ...but if it rains just bring a Pizza!

See you later


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