Monday, March 16, 2009

Spearfishing Cape Vidal -To Love or to Hate It!

With the water at home being so mank, and in desperate need of diving we headed up to Vidal for the weekend.

The conditions and water vis was epic, but it was just very quiet. We dived hard on Saturday and Morne finally got one small cuta for our efforts. It was hard work and I only saw 2 cuta at Deep Oscar at about 30m, and was unable to even get close.

Vidal was living up to our low expectations. As we have had so many trips there that have just been absolutely dead. (We only hear of it cooking) 

To make it worse the Local Parkie ...who now is doing boat patrols is on the war path with Spear fisherman. And we were given a written warning for not having a topman, as we were drifting with the boat using a drogue anchor ... as we have always done (rightly or wrongly)
.... Does this also mean you have to have a topman when we anchor at home?
We were also give a hard time as our Alpha flag was dirty and 'not cleary vissable' ... not that an Alpha flag even applies to Freedivers!!

Another boat was nailed because the topman did not have a skippers ticket!! This now means that every topman must have a skippers ticket. Thats going to exclude the majority of spearo's from boat trips in the future ...

Unfortunately the whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth, and again the spearo's have been targeted. And when the local Parkie makes a comment like "I am going to start nailing all you Spearfisherman!" you kind of wonder if we are going to have any peace?

The up side of this is that we need to get our act together, get Sauff or some one in the know to get the regulations out to us. etc and not give the authorities a reason to have any problems with us. We need to get wise and know what our rights and boundaries are.

Anyway we almost packed it in and went home on Saturday, but we decided seems we were already there to dive Sunday. Again it was super quiet ...but epic conditions. 
My lightie Braiden did his deepest dive of 9.5m on the sand on Shallow Leven. He chased some Cuta and had an experience of a life time for a little guy.

The trip did end on a highlight tho, we did a drift in the deep and I got a beautiful sailfish. And in 30 plus meter vis it was probably one of my best hunts ever.

Cape Vidal Sailfish - This why we love to Hate the Place!


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Coatesman said...

I am getting some flack for shooting this beautiful fish. And in my own defense I would like you to know the following:

Every part of the fish was eaten! I filleted the fish, shared some and have already eaten a portion. was very good eating.
The Caucus (with loads of meat still on it)was given to an old guy who lives off the streets. He was ecstatic, and before I had left was already trading a piece for a loaf of bread.

As for the beautiful fish part, well it is beautiful and it is just the same as taking any other fish when you get to the bottom of it. So unless you dont eat any sea food at all.... please hold judgment.

Thats all