Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Luck and Spearfishing Big Cuta

North Coast Spearfishing Magic - Morne Muller 19kg Cuta 

There have been some Big Cuta coming out with the guys spearfishing. It kind of feels like typical April already, no shoals just the odd big one here and there.

Morne cashed in yesterday afternoon with a beautiful Big Cuta of 19kg ...also while spearfishing with a reel gun! It stripped all his line and he had a complementary ride towards the horizon.
A fish like this was overdue for him, as he had spent dive after dive going straight out to the deep, and not cashing in on the snoek that have been prolific in the shallows.
So I guess this is the 'pay dirt' for all the hours just looking into the gloom!!

The week ahead looks promising, although while diving Salt Rock this morning there was very little current and there were no snoek or cuta to be seen. A nasty thermo cline pulled in and reduced the vis to 3-4m ..... not all that exciting!!

Will keep an eye out ....

Keen for a Big Cuta!!!


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