Monday, February 2, 2009

Spearfishing and Surfing - Whats Up?

Hey guys,

At the onset of the weekend I was quiet bleak, coz the rivers had come down and wrecked what would have been an all time dive weekend.

But all was not lost, as it turned out the surf was fairly good and surfable from Friday morning till mid afternoon Sunday. On Friday there was some goos swell and my lighty was getting some serious double over head waves ...and beattings :-)

The conditions we great yeasterday and dispite the small swell I landed up surfing for almost 8 hours. Braiden churps up on our out the surf "I still have some energy" ... damn I miss those days!!
Anyway its monday morning, I am sunburned, stiff and only think of one thing ..... and its not work :-)

This Friday nite the Salt Rock Spearfishing Club's monthly meet. 

This a key evening as we will be setting things up for the year.
 On the agenda will be:
  • Club Fees & what we will be doing as far as shirts or jackets for the year.
  • Club Trip?
  • I will also be doing a short tutorial on making a basic flasher ...
  • And we are currently in the throws of redesigning the Club logo and web site, and I am sure there will be some discussion around this.
We will be doing the "Dop n Chop" thing at my place......  and the long term forecast shows no rain!!!!
This will be a good one to invite some mates ...oh and bringing the wife and kids is a must!

Give me a shout if you need to 083 631 084


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