Monday, December 1, 2008

Braiden's First Iggie

Braiden Coates Ignobilis Kingfish

Friday afternoon had epic conditions, the water was warm, blua and the was almost no swell. I decided to take my son Braiden for a dive, and at 11years he is becoming quiet the little diver.

We dived off a local point with a small reef in about 8m of water just a short distance off the backline. I was hoping to see some snoek or even a lost Garrick .... there have still been the odd one coming out.

Anyway we were at the drop off and in this cave was this little Iggie, Braidy tried acouple times to get down, and into the cave. But his ears were giving him hastles and could just not get deep enough to get an angle to see the fish.
So I decided to chase the fish out the cave hoping Braidy would get a shot, the fish darted out and Braidy had dived in the wrong direction missing the fish. Next thing the fish comes back to the cave, Braidy dives down before it can get inside and he nailed it!

It wasn't massive but hey its an Iggie ... not sure too many 11 year olds can clame an Iggie?



Anonymous said...

So Braiden is tacking afr=ter his Dad!
Does tha mean we'll soon havev an 95Kg Black Marlin?

Gramps Ian

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Where was its Mama!!