Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekends Spearfishing Update.

Hey Guys sorry I did not post yesterday, I came down with a bug and was fairly cooked most of the day. ....and did not get to dive.

The guy guys got in and reported seeing some fish, mostly small snoek. Hey at this stage of the game small snoek sounds tasty! They all said it was greenish and very cold on the bottom. 

The arvo turn yuk, with 3-4m vis and very cold, so I know some guys called todays dive off. 
But I think the water actualy loked ok .... from the beach.

There were a whole bunch of guys up at Ponta this past weekend and they unfortunatly had green cold water, with very few good fish.

There could be a couple dives this week, so keep an eye open.


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