Monday, November 3, 2008

Queen Fish Spearfishing Record

Morne Muller Queen Fish 10.55kg
New Salt Rock Spearfishing Record

Its about time some one broke a record at the Salt Rock Spearfishing Club. Morne just pips the old record 10.50kg that was set in November 2004 by Ivor Sykes.

The Salty's Site has been down for some time, so here is an updated records list:

Salt Rock Spearfishing Records

Bardman 5.1kg Iain Ewing
Black Marlin 125kg Andy Henwood
Blood Snapper 5.4kg Iain Ewing
Bone Fish 4.65kg Sean Burns
Brusher 8.2kg Shaun Reid
Catface Rockcod 6.5kg Sean Burns
Cuta 24kg Andy Henwood
Dagga 36.8kg Warren Blackmore
Dorado 12.5kg Ivor Sykes
Kingfish Fulvie 12.3kg Morne Muller
Kingfish Gaint (Iggie) 48kg Sean O'Connor
Garrick 19.5kg Warren Blackmore
Geelbeck 9.8kg Chris Coates
Job fish 10.5kg Mike Cook
Kingfish (yellow tail) 9,5kg Shaun Ried
Pick handle Barracuda 11.4kg Andy Henwood
Pompano 10kg Warren Blackmore
Prodigal Son 19.98kg Chris Coates
Queenfish 10.55kg Morne Muller
Sail fish 33kg Sean O'Connor
Sangora 9.0kg Sean O'Connor
Snoek 9.6kg Chris Coates
Spotted Grunter 5.5kg Bruce Long
Stumpnose Bream 4.35kg John Van Rooyen
Threadfin Mirrorfish 9.22kg Craig Harper
Wahoo 25.2kg Morne Muller
Yellow Fin Tuna 27kg Sean Burns

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