Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning 5:00:
Wind - light off shore
Swell - 6ft and clean
Tide - High but the wave is coming off the point.

I shot home, grabbed a coffee and my board, boardies and a towel.

Monday Morning 5:30:
Wind - Brisk South West
Swell - 6ft and Choppy
Tide - Who cares the surf is alover the place!

Thats how my morning started :-) - I suppose it could have been worse, like sitting in traffic!!

The weekend had some nice surprises! I did not think that the dive or surf would be good, and we got both!
Saturday turned out to be a pearler, and there were waves almost all day. The big surprise was the vis, it was actually quiet good. I got in for an arvo dive and landed up getting my first cuta for the new season.My mate got a garrick ... on the sand off the drop off (this tells me that the Garrick are now in full return mode, They seem to run deep sometimes and the large shoals seem to break down into one and sometimes 2's)

Sunday the west was blowing but it was sunny and there were some super fun waves at surfers beach. The banks arnt bad and with some luck there will be some good surfing going down this week.

Looking a head a little .... It is Salty Club Nite on Friday so make sure you are free to join us.

Thats all for now ..cheers


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