Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Look Out - Here comes the Surf!

Hey Guys,

Sorry I did not post yesterday, was running around like a headless chicken. Oh and trying to squeeze in some diving in between as the water was crystal clean.

I got in late in the arvo with my son Braiden, he missed a good sized Garrick. He was pretty bumbed until he found a pot hole full of lead. He collected 8kg for his weight making business, so he was super stoked!

This mornings dive was good, the vis was great and I managed a 7kg Garrick which came in on the drop off out in 17m of water.
There was not too much else going on, but it was good just to get a solid dive in.

The forcast shows a large strong swell coming through this arvo and pushing through to tommorrow. It will possibly too big to spearfish, but we might get some really good waves.

The rest of the week shows easterlies, so if you are desperate for a dive ... go now!!



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