Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Mornings

Well its monday and the surf is pretty good, I decided to go surf Sunrise and got schooled. After not surfing for a couple weeks and being undergunned I got worked properly!!! It was a solid 5ft on the sets and I paddled flat out against the rip the whole time only to be out of position when the sets came. When I did get into a wave it was air drops and head slams!!!!

The guys surfing Bog on the other hand seemed to be having more fun. The wave was actually quiet good, a bit shifty but every odd set had a pearler.
Go check out Resurrecting Bog Bay ... we are trying to get the rock moved to improve the wave!!

I heard from Morne' and Willy who are up in Mozambique, they are getting some good fish. Nothing big yet but a couple of Kingfish around 12kg and some good sized Cuta around the 14k mark. Unfortunately Morne has burst his ear drum!!! freak that must be a serious let down ... Mozam and a screwed up ear!!! I dont think it gets worse.

The East is going to mess things up later, but with a little luck the sea will still be ok tomorrow!


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