Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is ita Malloway or Dagga Salmon?

Here is an interesting question: is a Australian Mulloway the same thing as a South African Dagga Salmon or Kob??
There appears to be two spieces:
Argyrosomus japonicus
Argyrosomus hololepidotus

Both the Mulloway and Dagga seem to be the "Argyrosomus japonicus" from what I have read.
Although the Argyrosomus hololepidotus is found along the South African, Madagascan and East African Shore lines. It is more commonly found in shallow water and is listed as endangered.

Prahaps that is why shore anglers have a restriction on Dagga on our coast?

Here is Barry Paxman with a Australian Mulloway

Here is a South African Dagga Salmon or Kob, or is it a Argyrosomus hololepidotus?

Let me know your thoughts ...just add a comment below.

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