Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kelly Slater Wins Globe Pro Fiji

Kelly Slater wins his 3rd Asp World Tour title for 2008 at Tavarua in Fiji. This will put him well in the lead and in a good spot to claim another world title. .....Kelly is a freak!!

On the other hand I thought that I was surfing like Kelly ...probably more like Wilber and snapped my surfboard in a thick Sun Rise barrel ...damn!!!

Tomorrow looks promising for those who can surf in the middle of the day as the high tide will put a damper on things first thing in the morning.

Party on ....

Hey just a reminder it is Salty Diver social evening on Friday nite, pull in for the good ol 'Dop n Chop'



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jean said...

add me add bacoba_racing_team@hotmail.com cuz i need a little help with my speargun