Monday, June 30, 2008

Brindle Bass Saved buy Spearo's

Springbok divers Len De Beer, Ryan Burmester and underwater film maker Broderick Whittaker where traveling towards deep scotties when they noticed something large floating on the surface, as they approached it was identified to be a large brindle bass lying belly up. Ryan jumped in to investigate and found it to be alive but rather bloated but not to distressed, it couldn't of been there long as it was sure to be shark bait with all the toothy critters in the area.

Ryan preceded to try and swim the giant fish down but with great difficulty, it was like trying to swim a tractor tire tube down, after endless attempts Brod the camera man gave him a hand and they finally managed to swim it to about 20 to 30 ft and with a few strong flicks of the fishes tail it made it to a depth were its buoyancy was compensated enough to be able to stay down and then with a couple more powerful flicks it swam of in to the gloom.

Brod was able to get the whole event on film and the footage is awesome it will be shown on e-news soon.They are not sure what was wrong with the fish which was estimated to be between 150 to 180 kgs, they think that the brindle might have been feeding on sardines and had encountered a buoyancy problem because of getting to close to the surface in a feeding frenzy, they did not notice any fishing line or damage around the mouth and gills although there was some blood coming out of the gills which may have been caused buy over expansion.

The divers where certain that the fish looked a hundred percent on nearing the bottom and swam off very strongly. They are in the process of getting hold of 50/50 to get the footage shown on TV
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