Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bang goes the Banks!

If you have not seen the sea and were hoping to get a dive or surf in you might be a little disappointed. The sea has gone totally pear shaped, with a big bumpy east swell pounding the beach.

I remember a couple years back getting a swell like this late in July, it messed the banks up so bad we hardly surfed until the following winter. That with our banks already being on the bad side could spell doom for the surf.

Yesterday saw epic conditions, but no waves in Ballito. The mates hit Westbrook and had some humdingers, Steve Kunn was apparently getting pitted off his face ..... only like he can ... the boy knows how to ride a barrel.

So I guess it will be a wait and see with the surf, it is supposed to peak at 4m later today, with a whole lot of north east winds as well. Sounds like a party!!

The Wahoo Winter Game Fish is on this week end and I hope that it all settles down before then, otherwise it is going to be a seriously interesting weekend.

On another note the Redman brothers Josh and Dan just got back from Indo on a surf trip .... I am not jealous ...promise! Their ol man sent me this pic of Josh with a quality Dorado he caught between surf seshes. It must be hard too have to surf epic waves and when you bored, bag one or two fish!

Josh Redman boat trip in Indo

Any way thats enough from me ...back to work!

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