Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spearfishing and Surf Update

The sea was not that bad this morning and you would have been able to dive and surf. I opted for the surf as its been ages since I got a wave. I was also blessed with a board and wanted to test it out.

Morne and I hopped in at Sunrise and as I came around the point a set pulled in and I got a quality barrel. What a way to start a sesh and for the first wave on the board.
As it turned out the surf was not all that great, but we had a couple bombs and loads of fun was really crowded ...all 2 of us :-)

Hey if you are in Durban tonite pop into the Wahoo club, they have some fresh footage of the tuna down in the cape ... Mark Sav who has seen it recons it is epic.

Other than that ..... we will see

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