Friday, May 30, 2008

Mozambique Trips a Big No No - Xenophobia Attacks

Word in that Mozambique Spearfishing Trips are a Big No No at the moment as the xenophobia attacks on Mozambicans by South Africans has spurred attacks on South Africans in Mozambique. Apparently businesses and property ..including cars owned by SA's have been damaged and a couple reports of violence on South Africans ..especially whites!!!

So I guess that that will put a hold on a few trips that were planed? Lets just hope that everything gets sorted out soon, I was amping to do another spearfishing trip up to Moz in December.

On the weather front the south will only come through tomorrow, its not very strong but it is better than nothing!!!




mozguide said...


I write travel books and stories on Mozambique (for 16 years now) and I run and own

On hearing the media 'reports' of reprisals against South Africans, I took this very seriously and contacted my friends and contacts to find out the situation first-hand. To summarize I could not find a single report of any incidents, threats yes, but no action: See, for all the replies:


Coatesman said...

Mozguide thanks for the update, please keep us up to date. On whats happening, we only hear 3rd hand what is going on.

Thanks again


Anonymous said...


I am based @ Dolphin Encountours in Ponta do Ouro - southern Mozambique, and feel it important to mention that we have had NO attacks down here. Discussions with the business sector and both the police and immigration has ensured that no attacks will take place, nor have their been any reports of attacks in the south! The Mozambiquano people are interested in building their country up after so many years of war and certainly wont jeopardize tourism through attacks on tourists.