Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gaint Cuta

Spearfishing and fishing can be frustrating this time of the year and for that reason many aren't rushing down to the water. But it is not uncommon for real bus cuta to come out at this time of the year.

I suppose the ol saying "Only the lure in the water catches the fish" is true .....
Connor Birkett and some mates came seriously right with some bus cuta over the weekend.
The smallest fish was 13kg, and a bunch of cuta around the 20kg mark came out. The fish that caused the most commotion was Connors 34.8kg monster .... thats probably going to be the fish of the year for the paddle ski chaps!!

Connor Birkett 34.8kg Cuta caught off a paddleski up North
... sorry cant say exactly where!

News from National Spearfishing Champs is that a couple good fish have come out, Andy Henwood apparently nailed a monster Wahoo .... I will get some pics up as soon as I get them.

Bummer first sign of a west is Monday :-( typical!!!


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